The Kitchen to this Scarborough house sits on the upper floor. The kitchen and dining spce are seperating by a fixed dividing half height masonary wall which forms a long kitchen bench. The client brief for this project was to design a cladidng for the bench / wall which adds interest to the room in keeping with the existing neutral palette of black walls, steel appliances and white cabinetwork.

Timber was incorperated into this cladding design to soften the scheme, new timber handles reflecting the timber battons were added to the pantry doors to link the design to the kitchen. The bold linear pattern to the bench of battons and black two pack paint was created to bring texture and pattern to the room, subtly linking it in finish and colour to it's surorundings. The bench is the welcoming element of the room as the visitor walks up the stairs to enter the main kitchen / dining space. It creates art and sculpture into cabinetwork and partially spearates the kitchen and dining spaces with interest.