Over the years I have spent specifying products from around the world to be used in the interior spaces I have worked on I have learnt more about where our things are from and how they are manufactured. My design philosophy recognises the beauty in quality products that have been made with time and precision put into them. Hand made items that have been put together with time put in and great craftsmanship show unique detail and quality. 

Much of our day to day surroundings are objects that have been through a manufacturing process somewhere in the world and sold to a trader for the market we use. Unfortunately the price we pay for our beautiful rugs, finishes, furniture and furnishings doesn't always equate to the labour that goes in to making them to allow for higher turn overs and mass production. To enable the quality I am after for in my own designs. I aim to support rug, furniture and other textile brands that pride their products on ethical manufacturing processes, where fair trade is given to the furniture, rug, or textiles artisans who make these wonderful products.

The soul and quality can be clearly evident in a product that has been made by hand, where a timber table has been turned with true craftsmanship or a rug has been woven with time and care put into it and the furniture maker or rug weaver has been working appropriate working conditions where they are given the opportunity to fulfil a talent and skill that the are passionate about and enjoy. The character of these individually crafted and ethically made objects really shines through. 

My belief is a true beautiful space contains fewer objects with better quality. Beautiful spaces are also not about scale and quantity but good quality detailing and unique designs to suit and reflect the individual personality’s of the people who occupy them. The layouts and the orientation of a space that works well with it's given climate is also important to successfully achieving a beautiful space which works well with the people who inhabit it. Ethically sourced finishes and materials which also connect us to nature I believe are important to a unique comfort and experience.

I love animals I have a huge amount of respect for them, they are beautiful, innocent and humble beings who deserve our respect. I've always believed that good design in all sectors should show a level of beauty, not just to the finished surface but to the ethical consideration behind the design.

I believe true intelligent aesthetics and successful design is mostly seen in nature as it was intended, where an animal is free, respected at peace and living along side us in harmony.

Strongly influenced by many ethical design brands such as Matt & Natt and others alike I have realised the innovation and creativity that can be produced using ethical and sustainably sourced products from hard finishes to furniture, textiles and upholstery. There are so many great design alternatives for all furnishings in the market today that are ethically manufactured. My aim is to focus on these brands and introduce my clients to new innovative design ideas for their surroundings.



It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living
— Sir David Attenborough

Having studied and worked in the design field over many years I focus my work on designs from full space planning, to cabinet and furniture design and detail. As a designer and not a "decorator" I favour working on custom designing any furniture that is used in the spaces I work on to selecting existing furniture. I suppose I would say I design rather than shop! I do however also specify good quality furniture from ethical brands that I feel work well with and compliment my designs.

I have worked with some great local cabinet and furniture makers who are happy to take on some interesting design challenges that I may send their way. I like to work with local talent to support their work in the knowledge that their creations are being produced under ethical manufacturing processes and are custom made to my designs for my individual clients.

Custom designed and made furniture has been a great success in my designs. I would encourage this idea for any of my clients who are looking for furniture to team the designed spaces I work on.

It's all about quality over scale! I have been inspired by great designers all over the world from different climates and population numbers. With our increasing global population we are seeing the need for more condensed living in younger developed parts of the world where space has for too long been the norm. 

Part of my design philosophy is to focus on detail, to connect smaller scaled designs well with nature over large scale spaces that use up a lot of space and lack character and meaning. Where budgets are concerned in the projects I work on I would encourage scaling down an area to the size it needs to be for its use and finishing and detailing it well.